Afrique en Cirque
June 4, 2017
3:14 am
Gransville Island



Afrique en Cirque

“You’ll be blown away by Afrique en Cirque’s breathtaking display of daring acrobatics and death-defying feats! Kalabanté will have you gasping in amazement. Come experience a mix of modern circus and traditional African dance and music, including drums, kora and singing that come to life in a spectacular show of stunts and tricks. Afrique en Cirque is sure to ‘wow’ you with its magic, fun and excitement all set to a fiery rhythm. The Troupe’s ‘joie de vivre’ is so infectious that afterwards, you’ll be back flipping, singing and dancing out of the theatre. Kalabanté!  Watch a video of Afrique en Cirque below!

Un spectacle à couper le souffle avec des acrobaties audacieuses et exploits défiant la mort qui laisse le public haletant d’émerveillement. Venez découvrir la danse et musique traditionnelle africaine avec ses tambours, kora et chants qui prennent vie dans un spectacle plein d’énergie et de couleur. Afrique en Cirque plaira à coup sûr! Vidéo.

Producing Company: Kalabanté Productions
Country: Africa / QC
Genre: Circus
Show length: 50 minutes
Ages: All ages (Grades: K-12)
Venue: Granville Island Stage
Show Notes: Suitable for ELL and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • A live music experience is much louder and very different than hearing recorded songs at home. While all ages are welcome, a loud concert, singalong or drumming may be frightening to some. Please use your own discretion when making your show selection.